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Dress Fair

Play Nice

4/25/05 09:02 pm - anchovie - $crubup.

Got my job back today at Lush. Lush is an international soap peddler and currently has two fair-tradey things: the pink peppermint foot lotion and the forthcoming shower gel based on olive oil and citrus oils. The first uses fair-trade cocoa butter in the mix, makes a fun and tingly foot rub, especially after work/sweaty sandal moments. The Olive Branch uses 3% olive oil sourced from an Israeli-Palestinian co-op and is not only moisturising but veh refreshing in the morning.
So. Come buy with me, come buy, let's buy away.. etc

4/23/05 01:34 pm - blackstone - Looky


This is a site listing a variety of eco & fair-trade friendly organizations and businesses across the US. I haven't fully browsed it yet, but it looks very cool.

(x-posted to my journal)

4/23/05 03:30 pm - anchovie - For those out of the loop

I try to get into the habit of fair-trade/antique presents. Buying for other people's pleasure is possibly the least stressful shopping known to humanity. And it gives you good research opportunities (time to check out local antique shops, fair-trade/Quaker shops, fair-trade sections of supermarkets, Ebay) without being a time-waster. Score.

4/18/05 12:36 am - anchovie - Sleepy

Hey hey.. I think it's time for everyone to make an introductory post to make sure we get afloat. So hellooo. I am Ellie, a moderator, of sorts. Please post anything and everything fair-tradey that you like.

Today's contribution from me being that today I wore a skirt I obught from a charity shop for £3.50. But I have lost my white "make poverty history band".

Tell me about what you think of the wrist-band support - whether it beats ribbons - plus whether you've bought fairtrade clothes before, or just the food, or neither. Where do you get your favourite non-abusive garments from? etc etc. Love to all my little libertines. xx
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