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pretty strange...

being that i just joined this community and made my first post here maybe 15 or 20 minutes ago and i was just thinking/posting about this issue...i find it very strange that my husband(who is a grad student at University of Iowa)just notified me of a lecture that will be given tonight that he wants us both to attend....

Wal-Mart: Rolling Back Human Rights
International Wal-Mart Factory Workers' Tour & Wal-Mart Movie Preview
7pm, Tuesday, November 15, Shambaugh Auditorium (Main Library)

Have you ever wondered who is behind the smiley face of Wal-Mart?
Who is on the other end of the global economy, making the clothes that many of us wear?

Come hear first-hand about the lives and working conditions of young
workers who produce goods for Wal-Mart in factories located all around
our rapidly globalizing world. Featured guests will include garment
workers from textile-producing countries in Africa and Latin America,
and they will answer some key, hidden questions: What are the human
costs of Wal-Mart's business practices? How are workers, students, and
consumers organizing to hold Wal-Mart accountable for labor and human
rights violations here and abroad?

At the Tuesday night event, SAS will also sneak preview scenes from
the new documentary film Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
following a discussion with the speakers. The full film will be
screened on campus on December 5th.

Sponsored by UI Students Against Sweatshops.

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to attend all UI-sponsored
events. If you require an accommodation to attend, or have any other
questions about this event, please e-mail
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