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Dress Fair

Play Nice

9/16/06 10:26 am - anchovie - UK News

At last; moral example before "aesthetics"

1/1/06 11:52 pm - anchovie - happy ny!

Vogue says:
THE year is almost up, so we've laid out just what you should be wearing next year – and what you should definitely give up for good, once the clock strikes midnight tomorrow night.
IN FOR 2006 <> LEAVE IT IN 2005
Pencil skirts <> Tiered skirts
Luxury neutrals <> Clashing brights
Soft white <> Bright white
Grey <> Brown
Structured silhouettes <> Floaty silhouettes
Slouchy shorts <> City shorts
Dark denim <> Distressed denim
Nautical stripes <> Beatnik stripes
Rock 'n' roll <> Collegiate'

Be happy & handsome in 2006, kids. xx

11/15/05 04:13 pm - hushedunspoken - pretty strange...

being that i just joined this community and made my first post here maybe 15 or 20 minutes ago and i was just thinking/posting about this issue...i find it very strange that my husband(who is a grad student at University of Iowa)just notified me of a lecture that will be given tonight that he wants us both to attend....

Wal-Mart: Rolling Back Human Rights
International Wal-Mart Factory Workers' Tour & Wal-Mart Movie Preview
7pm, Tuesday, November 15, Shambaugh Auditorium (Main Library)

Have you ever wondered who is behind the smiley face of Wal-Mart?
Who is on the other end of the global economy, making the clothes that many of us wear?

wal-mart is evilCollapse )

11/15/05 03:28 pm - hushedunspoken

hello. new here. i live in the united states. i am very interested in doing more fair-trade shopping, but so far i am finding it very difficult.
what i have been able to do so far is:
* buy fair-trade coffee exclusively
* refrain from shopping at wal-mart (as i understand it they are one of the worst contributors to inhumane working conditions in the world and i spread the word about their evil-ness every chance i get)

the hardest part of course has been trying to find fair-trade clothing.

i had never considered that buying clothing from thrift-shops would be a direct action against the suffering caused by sweatshops because it will lower the demand for the clothing that gets produced in them...but now i realize that it is a pretty good idea.

glad to find the community and hope to gather more information here that will make it easier to shop ethically.

11/15/05 08:34 pm - anchovie - newsflash

American Apparel now sells to the UK. Plus internationally. Check if this means you! Yaysville.

11/15/05 01:12 pm - verviana - fair-trade shoes?

so here's my story.
i've become all sweatshop-free in my purchasing, for the past year-and-a-half or so, and haven't run into a problem until...

i need new shoes.
not sneakers. nice shoes. like to go on an interview in. i have none. i had some. they broke in half (that's how long it takes me to buy a new pair of shoes.)

anyone have any links/suggestions where i can get fair-trade shoes?

8/12/05 03:08 pm - nocturneclothin - Bonjour

My name is Kat, and I am a small girl with a large idea of opening an ethical as possible shop. I hope to stock fair traded clothes, cosmetics that haven't been tested on animals, that kind of thing. I have a few catalogues but nowhere near enough to fill a whole shop that hopefully will have something for everyone - I don't want to give anyone walking past an excuse not to come in and buy things. So from the fashion-conscious teeny boppers to the nihilistic punky types, I want them to buy my stuff.

Anyone with any links or contacts to wholesalers of any kind of fair traded, organic or animal-friendly clothing, cosmetics, shoes or accessories, I would love to hear from you.

Please help :)

7/7/05 09:17 pm - rerepulsive - american apparel

so they're not so good after all it seems...http://insurgentmuse.typepad.com/weblog/2005/04/is_american_app.html

7/1/05 03:43 pm - anchovie - do It yourself


5/19/05 10:56 pm - anchovie - Update

C'est bon pour etre equitable! Sweatshop free plain ol' American apparel.
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